I’m a portrait photographer who’s got a flare for the dramatic. My work tends to look cinematic. I specialize in creative portraits, but I’ve been known to dabble in headshots, weddings, events and couples. I’m based in Orlando, but I’m more than willing to travel far and wide to capture some good stuff. I’ve been told a session with me typically feels like hanging out with a pal. Having a laugh. Making some art. 


After three trips to NYC last fall, I've realized the city is where I want to be and where my passion lies. Photographing theatre, fashion and people, that’s what I want to fill my life with. With trips planned every couple months in the future, the big move to the city is my next inevitable step.


D’you have similar interests and enjoy making things too? I’m into collaborating. Just want pictures of your face? I'm into your face. 


I’m ready when you are.

Click here to contact me, become pals, and make art.