"i like you!" "i like you, too!"

oh, the #nassarwatsonmerger. you treated us all well.

i had the beautiful opportunity to shoot my friend's wedding in utica, michigan. it was my very first wedding and beforehand, i was positively bathing in both excitement and anxiety. what an adventure! can i handle shooting a wedding by myself? nevermind that, am i capable of driving a rental car through detroit without losing my head completely? i told myself, "yes, yes you can. you're a boss babe. you can do this." and it turned out, i totally could. i may have morphed into a screaming rubber chicken while driving through the city the first time, but OH WOW how exhilarating to know i was taking on this adventure all by myself! go me!

 (here i am, making things about me and posing at packard proving grounds!)

my friend joey and i showed up at the venue pretty early to help the groom and his family set up for the day. and so i could poke around and get some ~ artsy shots. big shout out to matt for not morphing into a screaming rubber chicken like i previously had and for being a calm, amazing human being throughout the day. you're the bee knees. here's some "behind the scenes" and those artsy shots i was referring to. 

the entire weekend in michigan was a dream. i'll never be able to thank matt and lauren enough for giving me this opportunity and for trusting me with it. and i'm absolutely tickled that i was able to share such an important day with them. from the moment the bride arrived at the venue, she had me in tears laughing. i felt comfortable and a lot less anxious as soon as she got there. the thing about lauren is, she's one of the funniest, quirkiest and inspiring ladies i have the fortune of knowing. "ooh, ooh! go put the rings on that giant wedge of cheese and take a picture!" is something that was said. will i ever stop cherishing our inside joke about a fake pear that we stumbled upon while getting ready? no, no i will not. that pear is everything now.

and then they got married. the best bit about the actual wedding part was that it was light-hearted and absolutely HILARIOUS. the laughter coming from friends and family during the ceremony really set the tone of the night. it captured matt and lauren's personality perfectly. when asked if they had prepared vows for each other, they said they hadn't. then lauren added, "i like you!" with a silly waggle of her fingers. matt replied, "i like you too!" more laughter and warm fuzzy feelings emitted from the crowd. also, the amount of love pouring out of matt and lauren's eyeballs had everyone feeling a little emotional. 


after the ceremony, matt and lauren were whisked away in an old fashioned car (this is the part where, if i knew anything about cars, i would tell you what sort of car it was. but, i don't. sorry matt. the car was adorable. let's move on). 

this is the part where i jumped in and started capturing their happiness! look at these cuties! 

a lot of people love matt and lauren. so they showed up to watch them get married. go figure? 

okay, it's time to party now. alcohol and unlimited donuts for everyone! let us see those moves. 

congratulations, matt and lauren. you're loved by many. thanks for letting me capture your magic.